Psychotic psychic gentleman goblin. 'nuff said


“The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.”
-James A. Garfield

Ability scores:

Str = 11 (+0)
Dex = 14 (+2)
Con = 11 (+0)
Int = 19 (+4)
Wis = 15 (+2)
Cha = 10 (+0)

Class: Psion(seer) 3
Race: Blue
Alignment: LG/CN
Languages: Common, Goblin, Giant, Elven, Draconic, Gnoll
HP: 12(4 from Psionic Body)
Speed: 30ft.
AC: 15 (
2 dex, +2 amulet, +1 size)
Touch AC: 13
Flat-Footed AC: 12
Initiative: +2

Fort= + 1 (1 base, +0 Con.)
Ref = + 3 (
1 base, 2 Dex.)
Will= + 5 (
3 base, +2 Wis.)

Dagger: ATK (+1), DMG (1d4), CRIT (19-20/x2), P/S

Skill Mod ability score ranks misc cs/ccs
concentration + 6 Con +0 6 +0 cs
Knowledge(nature) +7 Int +4 3 0 cs
Gather Information +6 Cha +0 6 +0 cs
Listen +8 Wis +2 6 0 cs
spot +8 Wis +2 6 0 cs
Psicraft +10 Int +4 6 0 cs
Knowledge(The Planes) +6 Int +4 2 0 cs
Knowledge(Psionics) +6 Int +4 2 0 cs

Feats: Psionic Talent(x2), Psionic Body (+4 HP)

Headband of psychic Focus (5 current power points)
silver dagger
amulet of natural armor +2
Cloak of the Guru
2 Psychic vapors
2 vials of psychic clay
2 days worth of Rations, 3 Torches, 4 Sacks, length of Hemp Rope (50 ft.), Belt Pouch, a canteen filled with water, Winter Blanket, Backpack, strange silver holy symbol, longspear, bone dagger
21 power points/day (DC equals 10 + Int. + pwr lvl)[ 11 + 5{headband} + 5{talent} + 1{racial})
powers known:

  • Precognition[ 1] (cost 1, use to grant a +2 bonus to one roll [including damage] within 10 minutes of activation)
  • Mind Thrust[ 1] (cost 1, targets one creature within 25ft. and deals 1d10 damage to it(will negates), {augment: +1d10 for every additional power point spent, for every +2d10 add +1 to save DC})
  • Defensive Precognition[ 1] (cost 1, grants +1 to AC and all saves for 1 min. [doesn’t apply when to AC or Ref. when without Dex. bonus], {Augment: +1 for every 3 points spent, spend an extra 6 points use as a swift action}
  • Sense link[ 1] (cost 1, you link yourself with one of the targets senses and perceive all the information they do through that sense, You may make skill checks pertaining to what is perceived such as listen and spot. You lose your dex bonus when using this power. Once manifested this power has no range limit but must be on the same plane as you.) {Augement: for 2 points you can have the target perceive with one of your senses, for 4 points you can link to 2 senses)
  • Recall agony[ 2] (cost 3, calls upon events of some agony form the targets past or future and it briefly comes to effect in the now dealing 2d6 damage to the target. For every additional power point spent, this power’s damage increases by 1d6 points. For each extra 2d6 points of damage, this power’s save DC increases by 1.)
  • Clairvoyant sense[ 2] (cost 3, can see and hear in a distant location as though there, the location must in some way be familiar. supernatural senses do not work through this power)
    Other Abilities:
    Dark vision 60ft.

Race: Blue
Size: Small
Homeland: Kalzir
Age: 32
Height: 3’ 2"
Weight: 40 lb
Skin: Green (faint blue tinge)
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Straight bluish grey; Light Beard
Religion: He’s seen god’s turn evil in the future….he would rather not worship them
Family: unknown to him, deceased; adoptive family, also deceased
Profession: Seer; Precognitive adventurer/guide/pathfinder
Personality: As a result of his incredibly potent precoginition combined with seeing so many people he has known murdered multiple times (again due to the precognition) Bunour tends to be unstable, especially when something he has foreseen is about to come to pass he becomes nearly hysterical. However, when not in these strange fits Bunour is an unusually cultured and level headed example of his kind with the intelligence to match. However, he holds a deep-seeded paranoia, always waiting for when the next terrible vision will come to pass.

Backstory: Bunour was born different in a tribe of Goblins where being different got you killed. However, some would say luck was on his side the day he was born. His mother had a birth that was delayed by nearly 3 days and she ended up giving birth in the middle of the night. Along side this strange coincidence was the equally lucky fact that his mother was not raised in this tribe and was therefore not able to bring herself to kill her own child upon seeing his strange blue skin and violet eyes. Knowing she could not keep him she brought him to the forest and left him near a spring and left before she grew attached. However, Bunour would be found by a group of druids who would take pity on the goblin and they would come to the agreement to raise him until his adulthood.
Bunour however does not see this as luck but as a cruel twist of fate, a punishment by the gods. Only two years after being raised by the druids Bunour began to have terrifying dreams everynight. The dreams, initially did not involve anyone or anything Bunour knew but slowly this began to change. Then one night he saw lycans in his dream covered in blood, one held a cape belonging to the druids. Bunour told the druids and was told to think nothing of it, that they were likely the results of his troubled childhood (despite that he had never seen or heard of a lycan before). The druid then explained that they found Bunour and that he was likely left from the nearby goblin tribe. That night Bunour was once again troubled with dreams, this time of a village of goblins being burned alive by a hellish figure in black armor. He woke the next morning and found that the druids had been slaughtered. Just like his nightmares, they all wore hellish cuts across their bodies clearly formed by ripping claws. His young mind not knowing what to do he ran to the only other place he knew existed, his former village. Upon his arrival the goblin’s in the tribe immediately feared him due to his obvious differences however, because he had not yet learned more than a few basic words in goblin and common he could not communicate that he was looking for haven and he was instead considered to be a diplomat who was using the tribe to as a waypoint before he continued on his way. He was set up in a cramped and rundown tent, but he was still among others, a welcome comfort for his tortured soul. Over the two days in the tribe he learned more and more basic goblin speech. One word however was always being directed at him, Bunour. It was not until the end of his third day in camp when his mother, who failed to recognize her own son, told him that this was the goblin word for pariah. That night he fell into yet another troubled sleep, but this time he was awoken before he could actually dream by a great warmth. upon opening his eyes he saw his tent engulfed in flame and so he ran out of his tent only to find the whole village engulfed, with burning skeletons trudging between tents killing any who the flame had not taken. In the middle of all the carnage stood the terrible and hellish figure from his nightmares sitting atop a massive horse, both seemed to be composed of a terrible black flame. In what seemed like an instant however it was all gone, as if the event had happened hours before hand. and Bunour stood and looked around him. Believing that he was somehow responsible he took the name Bunour to symbolize their memory and his own responsibility. He also found a strange charm, a silvery flower opening to a bright yellow glass on the inside. The whole ensemble was set on a chain and Bunour remembers that the woman who told him what his name meant was the one who wore it. Bunour resolved, inexplicably to keep the charm and wander towards the mountain city of Kalzir, the capital of the whole continent of Galdri’ Air, a city the druids spoke of often.
As time passed Bunour began living in the city and educating himself. He learned a great deal about cultured society and, gifted with incredible intelligence, he made it his work becoming fluent in 6 languages. But that was just the beginning, by the age of 17 Bunour had learned that his dreams were actually visions of what was to come in the near future. Bunour used his understanding of his power to raise money as a fortune teller, telling truth to those he could to gain credibility and then selling fortunes pulled from Tarot cards to the others. AS more time progressed Bunour’s vision’s, which he had at the start of every morning began to tell of events that were farther and farther off, sometimes even months away from happening. At the same time he began to develop new powers such wishing pain on someone and them suddenly be inflicted with terrible headaches or being able to see what was going to happen mere minutes before it did. Bunour’s talents did not go unnoticed and he was encouraged to join an underground organization of Psion’s. These “Masterminds” had him accompany numerous adventuring parties in search of wealth to fund their eventual overthrow of Kalzir’s Magocracy, a job Bunour was very well suited for. In return he was fed, paid, clothed and given ample opportunity to learn and grow in the use of his powers as what the masterminds called a seer. However, Bunour was slowly being driven Paranoid and mad by his own ability to see that which, in his opinion he could not stop. By his twenty seventh birthday he was considered a madman well deserving of his name by everyone who he had worked with. His services as seer and precognitive being were however, indisposable, so he continued to be sent on various assignments.
Five years later Bunour would be sent on a mission to uncover the source of a strange blue light beam that destroyed a tower near the Jade empire lands to the east. The night before they embarked Bunour had a vision, scattered glimpses of a pitched battle with a powerful being followed by a massive blue rift opening. His Vision concluded with someone, whose face he could not see being taken into the portal. As they fought through the strange creatures of the area Bunour kept himself ready for what he knew to be inevitable. Sure enough a lone man strode from the towers wreckage claiming that he would control the power in this area. After a hard fought battle Bunour’s team finally landed a fatal blow on the demi-godlike man. Before his death, just as Bunour foresaw the man ripped open a massive blue rift that was initially going to consume the fighter who had slain the man. Bunour however lept at the fighter, trying to save him and much to his own horror was taken into the portal himself.
Bunour now finds himself stranded in this place, a place he does not know. All he has seen is that something terrible is coming and that he, somehow finding his powers drained, will somehow have a role to play and that in order to survive in this strange place he must fulfill this role, whatever it may be…


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