Frigid countess


Name: Guazel

Species: Amiri

Skin Color: Caucasian (Pale)

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Red

Gender: Female


Guazel, the grey countess is a reclusive magical mastermind. Originally Guazel of Iverdon, Guazel was once an elvish conjuror. After the Phylazian cataclysm, she found herself sucked into a planar rift. She managed to survive the trip and found herself infused with massive amounts of cosmic energy. Already trained as a wizard, she used her newfound powers to her own gain. Settling down in the barren norther regions of Rie, she began to subjugate the local Uldra to her whims. Tooth and nail she built up a province and crowned herself countess of Silver Pine. Guazel is one of the oldest Amiri on Rie and has a fantastic memory for it’s history. She is often depicted as an age-maddened witch who rules the north with a frigid demeanor. In truth, Guazel simply likes to remove herself from the hither and yon of Amiri politics. Her Uldra servants maintain her province, leaving her time to study magic and the world around her. She rarely attends meetings of the Court of 7. This has forced Isvol to send heralds to her province with word of his schemes. Their heads are almost always delivered frozen in a block of ice by way of raven.


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