Izmoth, the Elder

Less Than Crazy Hermit


Name: Izmoth

Species: Amiri

Skin Color: Tan

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Red

Gender: Male


Izmoth the elder is an powerful sorcerer who claims to be one of the oldest Amiri on Rie. He says he has seen Rie’s creation and remembers the Phylazian Cataclysm. Izmoth is a mentor and teacher to a small following of nature worshipers and druids. Izmoth is adamantly opposed to Isvol’s plans, claiming to see the count for what he truly is. Izmoth actively defies The lord of Vines, and uses a vast underground network of spies to undo The Emerald Count’s machinations. Izmoth claims that with enough time Rie will merge with Orcoona, leaving no need for mortal or fairy blood shed. Only his secret supporters truly believe him.

Izmoth, the Elder

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