Somina, the White Princess

Spoiled Spawn


Name: Somina

Species: Amiri

Skin Color: Caucasian (Pale)

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Red

Gender: Female


Somina is a privileged brat and the daughter of Isvol, lord of vines. While being exceptionally beautiful, even by fey standards, Somina is a spoiled daddy’s girl with no ambition and a sadistic cruelty streak a mile wide. While Istvol loves his daughter dearly, her usefulness in day to day affairs regarding Amiri politics is rather questionable. After he sacked undermarsh, Isvol appointed Somina as warden of the province and overlord of the concentration camp. She passes her time organizing pit fights, in which prisoners fight exotic monsters and each other to the death. Long time male winners are often rewarded with a permanent place in her harem. Male concubines are regularly beaten, tortured, and violated to feed her deviant sexual interests. Somina is very vain and extremely jealous. Many of her handmaidens have parts of their faces cut off, allowing Somina the comfort of knowing she is the most beautiful woman in her domain. While she is not as cunning as her father, she is still not stupid.

Somina, the White Princess

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