Exoskeletal Armor

Armor of Bones


Body Slot: Body
Activation: Standard (Command)
Weight: 30 lb.
A suit of exoskeleton armor provides protection as a +1 Chitin armor and grants you damage reduction 5/bludgeoning while you wear it. When you come in contact with a dead body, you may take a standard action to absorb the carbon and calcium from the body’s skeletal structure. This adds to the armor’s existing cover, granting you an additional +4 bonus to AC. After 5 rounds, the new plates begin to break down back into bone powder and billow off in a white cloud. This functions as a Fog spell that lasts 1d4 rounds.


Taken from several carcasses of either giant scorpions or giant spiders, this armor covers the upper body with a white, plate-like structure. Amiri, as most fey do not mine or industrially create weapons or tools. What they lack in technology they make up for in magic. While metal tools and armor are scarce, magic weapons and armor made of natural materials fill the void.

Exoskeletal Armor

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