Uri and Baki

Talking Rings


Uri and Baki- +2 Ring of Charisma
9 Int. 14 Wis. 17 Cha: Telepathy (With wearer only). Vision and hearing 120 ft, Low Light Vision. Ego score 15.
Special Abilities; Mending and Detect Magic at will.
Lesser Powers; Charm Person 3/day, Hide From Animals 3/day, Speak with Plants and Animals 1/day, Shape Wood 1/day
Uri and Baki must be worn in conjunction to benefit from their abilities.


Uri and Baki were originally twin sisters and servants of the Queen of Air and Darkness. They betrayed her to her sister Titianna, and were cursed with the form of inanimate objects. They say they are trying to find redemption by assisting Rodrik on his endeavors. Baki is the out spoken one, and can be rather promiscuous. Uri doesn’t like to talk, and will only give vague indications of her feelings to the wearer.

Uri and Baki

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