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Unknown to many Beings, Orccona’s natural magics have been absent for thousands of years. Before the common era, the rampant forces of nature and forces born of such power roamed the globe as any mortal humanoid would. During the Phylazian cataclysm, The Chaotic, Lawful, Good, and Evil aspects of the natural world were torn asunder, and the wild lost most of its paranormal power. Shattered from the plane, the Fey have been trapped in a pocket dimension for past two thousand years. Until now…

Introducing Isoldod: A small territory that has recently broken away from Ranpurre after the revolution. This small, young country is set to be home of one of the grandest, most debauched, most elaborate celebration of the century. The yellow dragon brewing company has just released what they predict will be the best vintage of wine in the past 50 years. Intersected with that is the Harvest festival of Aeyer, the god of fortune and bounty. Intersected with THAT is the 59th birthday of Isoldod’s ruler, King Foskol. Last but not least is the fencing championship match in Ranpurre. All four of these events has guaranteed to create the most epic national party in recent memory. People from all over the globe have gathered in Isoldod, in particular, the Fey Looks inn, where a massive wine and mead tasting will be thrown. The doors are open to all comers, and the nights promises to be a wild one indeed.


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