Isvol, Lord of Vines

Lord of Ivy


Name: Isvol

Species: Amiri

Skin Color: Caucasian (Pale)

Hair Color: Green

Eye Color: Red

Gender: Male


Isvol is the fey count of Emerald Field and has been informally crowned “The Lord of Vines”. He is a ruthless tyrant who is said to be a genius mage and a brilliant speaker. While the other Amiri counts fight for space in their rapidly dwindling world, Isvol has risen from the ashes and hardships of overcrowding and war to deliver the neo-fey to return to Orcoona, their rightful home. He has sent a large number of scouts to the Prime Material plane, and plans to take it through bloody armed conflict. Isvol has a number of powerful magical artifacts at his disposal. He claims to be the chosen champion of the fey gods as a saviour to the Amiri. In reality, he is a devoted worshiper of Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness. She has granted Isvol numerous boons with her dark powers and consort with various elder horrors and fiends. He is a vicious, malicious, self-serving bastard, willing to burn anything that stands in the way of his domination of the world to the ground.

Isvol, Lord of Vines

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